My Cottage, My Rules (My Rules #1)

Jenna had never thought she’d fall in love quite this quickly, but she thinks she’s found the one in Isabel, a dark, curvy artist that made it past Jenna’s three-date curse. Although a weekend trip away would feel way too soon for anyone else, she knows there are plenty of secrets left for them to discover about each other and the time away from their jobs and the real world is a welcome relief.

Over a few glasses of wine in front of the fire, those secrets start coming out. Is Jenna in over her head when she discovers that her girlfriend is fiercely submissive and admits that she’s into some pretty wild stuff? Can Jenna release her inner dominant woman and learn even more to love about her new partner?

Bursting at the Beach

Jordan isn’t having as good a time at the beach as her friends. She’s hot, sticky and desperate to go. But with not a toilet in sight, she’ll have to think of something and quick, before her best friend Alanna wakes up and catches her!

Desperate on the Doorstep

Tanya is excited to start her first shift as a delivery driver, but the last thing she expected was her boss, Gina, to tag along for the ride. Desperate to impress her boss but full of nerves and coffee, can Tanya make it through the day without having an accident? What would her boss think of her if she did?

A “Wet at Work” short, bringing Watersports to the Workplace!