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Abby Linwood

Missing You Already

When Rosalie’s roommate and friend, Jackson, tells her he’s quitting art school, she realizes her feelings might be deeper for him than she thought.


Briony Brigham

Jessica’s First Time

Remembered as Hillman High’s classic “Good Girl”, Jessica Pender has never explored her sexuality. Invited to her high school reunion, Jessica gets another chance with her first love, Sean Devine, the one that got away and the one who never got over the girl that stole his heart. When they meet again, he’s determined to show her all the things he was afraid to say and this time she won’t waste her chance at love.

Dotty Rickard

After Ruth

When oncology nurse Allison gets too close to a grieving family, she vows never to make that mistake again. But years have passed, and Henry, her charge’s widow, reaches out to her out of the blue. Will she be able to ignore her feelings for him or will she help him find some semblance of love after loss?


Holly didn’t normally go back up to hotel rooms with strange men she’d met at the club but tonight, she was glad she had.


Eden Burgess

I’m Sorry, Professor

When Kelsie fails to hand in yet another essay, Mr. Edwards is forced to act in order to make her see the importance of her education.


Having unwillingly spent most of his adolescent years locked away in a seminary, learning the ways of God, Daniel comes home, a newly ordained priest to find he isn’t the only one who has changed. In the place of his little sister, Diana, there is a beautiful woman and though he knows it is wrong, he can’t stop himself from falling for her. Trying in every way to save his soul and rid himself of such feelings, he turns her into the most forbidden fruit, just waiting to be plucked until eventually, she falls freely.


Gianna Daino

Bursting at the Beach

Jordan isn’t having as good a time at the beach as her friends. She’s hot, sticky and desperate to go. But with not a toilet in sight, she’ll have to think of something and quick, before her best friend Alanna wakes up and catches her!

Desperate on the Doorstep

Tanya is excited to start her first shift as a delivery driver, but the last thing she expected was her boss, Gina, to tag along for the ride. Desperate to impress her boss but full of nerves and coffee, can Tanya make it through the day without having an accident? What would her boss think of her if she did?